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Community Vault for Overachievers

When you're...

Too much for this world, but not enough for that world.
A trailblazer without a compass. Or a shooting star about to fade out.


You come here

Put down the weight of the world.

Put down cape

Pause your superhero duties.

Tell the Truth

Take off the mask.


There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

What's in the Vault?






PLUS priority registration for live events + paid opportunities to co-lead!





The Kind of People We Are

1. We foster a sanctuary of safety and belonging.

2. We no longer let perfectionism rule our lives.

3. We stop comparing ourselves to others.

4. We stop beating ourselves up. No more.

5. We have fun through laughter and play!

6. We show up, fully present.

7. We dare to be seen as who we really are.

8. We call forth and celebrate each other’s greatness.

9. We ask for help and receive it graciously.

10. We ground create our destinies through serenity and grace.

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* This Facebook group is a sanctuary within a sanctuary.
An intimate space of truth for Ellany Lea's program grads, advisors, closest soul sisters, clients, and colleagues.