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Testimonials from women founders, overachievers, trailblazers, and entrepreneurs who have found fast-tracked success, soul maturation and lifestyle freedom.

Thank you for our session, again. Money pretty much rolled in from unexpected places for seven days straight after our call and more continues! Such a huge shift and so much permission that you gave me. Thank you dear Ella.

Jessica Serran
Founder, Unchartered Creative Callings

What were your top 'aha' moments of greatest learning?

I found peace as soon as I accepted where I was on my own journey and surrendered to the process.

I realized that I was prolonging my own suffering!

The "parts work", where I identified that angry part of me driving the bus, and understood how I can change drivers whenever I want to.

Guide to Grace Students

Ella has two exceptional talents - one, she is a master of mindset, creating new narratives and perspectives where there were none before. Two, she always has wisdom nuggets in her back pocket - that come in all forms from mantras to paradoxes to straight up advice. Her sunny cheery personality always brings light and energy to our sessions, I always hang up feeling re-energized!

Danika Zoe
Founder, Fearless Leader

Working with Ella has been one of the best personal and business decisions I have ever taken. I had been running my coaching practice for over 3 years, and was close to burn out. I love my work and found it challenging to define and honor my boundaries. Ella helped me liberate my genius so that I can create the impact I want to AND live the life of freedom I yearn.

Neeru Sharma
Executive Coach

Ella works with you as an allie to bring your ideas to life. She’s an inspiration and business doula! She has the ability to help you give shape to your passion until it becomes a viable business product. Smart + heart = success. The tool of Time Blocking has freed me from overwhelm!

Megan Murphy
Speaker & Film Producer

With Ella as my coach, I feel like I’m going to be able to bring nutrition knowledge to clients much more efficiently, avoiding a lot of common business pitfalls along the way. I felt heard, I felt understood. Moments of insight came often. Having a guide to walk me through the "How", I’ve been able to make leaps & bounds in letting go of my own fears and gaining direction, forward momentum, clarity and confidence. This has been a hugely life giving experience!

Joanna Bowen
Holistic Nutritionist

Where did you feel most stretched by Guide to Grace?

Becoming ok with not being able to do nearly as much as I thought I could.

To slow down, make space, take time off, AND make money at the same time.

The 42-no quest. It was incredibly hard to say no.

Guide to Grace Overachievers

I reached out to Ellany when I was just about to give up on the career I had spent 10+ years building. I wanted some help figuring out my life while getting out of the prolonged state of hopelessness I was in. Just after two months, Ellany had me jumping with excitement about tomorrow with tons of tools I started using right away to prevent future burnouts. She's magic!

Ajung Moon
Director of Open Roboethics Institute

I've spent the last few months gathering information from different sources and learning as much as I can to move my business forward and without a doubt, the last few hours I just spent with Ella helped me more than anything else I've done.

Ellany helped me get clarity on what I needed to do, how I was going to do it, and most importantly, why I was doing it! I now feel more confident and clear about how I am going to grow my business and I'm sooo excited that I can't stop smiling. ;)

Ranya El-Farnawani
Career & Leadership Consultant

Ella is my brilliant business fairy godmother. With massive smarts and experience—and a light heart—she helped me navigate my way to a business strategy that’s a uniquely perfect fit for me. It’s not only streamlined and simplified, it’s also bigger and more soulful than I’d imagined it could be.

Karen Olson
Founder, Elemental Intelligence

They say courage is contagious and presence too. Ella has both in spades!! I always start big, bold projects and she  helped me understand that finishing them is the biggest, boldest act of courage. What I love most is her gentle and graceful way. She never needs to kick my ass. She just believes in me, tolerates no bullshit and there's magic sauce when we're together!!

I'm 10X more focused than on my own. Thank you for helping me stop beating myself up and achieve my dreams. "Put the bat down" is one piece of wisdom I will never forget, thank you Ellany.

N. A.
Founder of digital nomad community (privacy respected)

What was your biggest leap of faith during Guide to Grace?

Letting go of the "old me" and the "old way" of doing business.

Taking a week off a month. My heart yearned for it, but my head couldn't understand it.

Really trusting the journey and becoming aware of "coincidences".

Guide to Grace Founders

My biggest take away was the need to create my business around my life and really understanding the use of leverage. How best to use my time, to create a sustainable business via group programs and info products.

I loved the small group, it was a thought-provoking safe space to share and learn from you and Maria. My biggest leap of faith was hiring a VA!!! Yay and it's been wonderful and so freeing.

Candy Motzek
Founder, Lead with Purpose

I had an existential crisis after I built a following of 20,000 subscribers and I still didn't feel good enough. It was starting to hurt my relationship with my fiancé. So I hired Ellany for business mentoring to sort through my business goals and systems.

But she already knew I needed coaching to calm my crazy demanding self and spiritual guidance to increase my self-worth and self-compassion practice. It's felt like a long winter. I feel like a different person now. I AM a different person. I Whatsapp Ellany weekly to thank her for our deep soulful and practical work.

Author & relationship mentor
(privacy respected)

Working with Ella was above and beyond my expectations. I am aiming high in my business, and I knew that in order to reach my vision, I needed to work with someone who had already achieved the kind of success I had my eye on. After working with her, I have full confidence to create and offer my high-value coaching program.

Ella identified my best working style, and guided me towards seeing my greatest strengths. I had originally perceived these as weaknesses, but Ella showed me that this is where my true genius lay.

Jobina Bardai
Founder, Unleashing Miracles

My company has over a million subscribers. I know what I'm doing. When Ellany and I first chatted, I knew I didn't need a coach. I watched her live her wild crazy freedom and felt an itch for freedom too. Which I hadn't felt in a long time. We spoke again, I remembered how calm and centered I felt after. I hired her.

Ellany simplified everything. It was nearly impossible to admit that I overcomplicated my work and overcompensated to master the complicated. Ellany has a graceful way of telling me "good girl" and "bad dog!". You were an unexpected teacher, Ella, thank you for the joy.

Founder of financial consultancy
(privacy respected)

Our fast-track day was exactly what I needed. So much got done! It was so simple, I love how clearly laid out my business is, and I feel sooo much lighter. Sitting down with you helped me get clear on how I make decisions with my time, energy and direction. I am planned and secure! I am capable of freedom! I am not alone on my island, but Queen of my world!

Christina Michael
Elite Fitness Champion & Trainer

Working with Ella helped me rise stronger after some setbacks. I was able to shift my old mindset and create a new one: freer, younger, more authentic and wild, that is what I needed to create my desired freedom lifestyle.

I am now more confident. I learnt how to honor my inner sparkle by honoring my time: setting boundaries, blocking time, listening to real resonance, filtering feedbacks. My time is my most precious asset and I decide how to use it. Thank you Ella for reconnecting me with myself!

Elisa Bozzolini
Fashion Designer & Founder, Sunvibes Collective

What is your sense of freedom and expansion like after Guide to Grace?

I won’t wait till "One Day." I am living my dream now. Small steps at a time.

I've cleared some barriers from my path so I can run faster and with more joy.

So I feel much more confident in being able to liberate myself from all the things that have been weighing me down.

Guide to Grace Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Ella gave me her 100% and genuinely held me throughout the process and saw my magnificence when I could not. She is resilient, she "gets me", she is always "there", fun to work with, a source of strength, ideas, business advice and a faithful companion on whatever journey needs to happen. She has this playful, wise, kickass energy about her that is just a delight to work with! Always insightful, motivating, cheering, going deep and transformative in her unique, blended ways that don't hold anything back of what she lived, learned, and felt as she did all the work herself first!

Sara Bianchi
Liberator of Lone Wolves

Ellany has a gift for helping people give effective form to their dreams by crafting a vision that reflect the intent and culture behind my product. Co-creating a business presence with her that is powerful, attractive, and effective has been easy and fun... and freeing.

Carrie Mancuso
SRI Wellness Educator

Coaching with Ella has been a really empowering process. The most important impact was becoming honest with myself, realizing it is time to take back the steering wheel and truly lead my life. Thanks to this coaching opportunity, I was able to start this process much earlier than I would otherwise have. I am going through the Leadership program now and I am absolutely grateful for this wonderful journey.

Dr. Sindy Chan

I was particularly (and pleasantly) surprised about how the whole process made me slow down, and that has been priceless. It’s been incredibly fun and insightful to work with the amazing Ella.

I now have a much better understanding of the big picture, of what needs to be done and in what order. It has helped me put all the pieces of the puzzle together and now I feel I have a solid foundation to build a business that is sustainable. I feel more in charge of my own fate, which is truly liberating and pacifying.

Maria Arredondo
Coach & Founder, Pivot Mundi

I went from untapped power and not knowing how to build up my business to having a website, coaching program, ideal client, online systems in place and much more confidence in my ability to see my business through and as a coach, with something unique to add to the coaching profession. The Mastermind provided me with a solid group of confidants, friendships and possibly partnerships that will last a lifetime!

Brianna Strumm
Heart Rehab Coach

I’m proud of myself for even starting this whole journey! I’m generally the care giver in all other aspects of my life, so asking for help and inviting allies into my world, has not been a habit of mine. It felt great to commit and follow through – I’ve been erasing some negative voices from the past through the process. I’m back to my 10 year old mentality; “I can do anything”!!

Megan Murphy
Speaker & Workshop Leader

I went from scattered with lots of ideas to now having the framework and strategies for my business. My greatest take-aways were learning to align with the greater vision of my life and knowing that I am enough. I feel like every time you send me an email I've just come out of the spa feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Thank you!!

Sabrina Hickey
Professional Development Coach

What did Guide to Grace provide you that you did not have before?

To have peace and relaxation without the guilt.

Recognising what's ego and what's heart.

My foundation was weak in spots and non-existent in others. I feel like it's rock solid now!!

Guide to Grace Clients

Ellany has more common sense/marketing savvy/business best practices in her little fingers than most coaches have in their whole body! You absolutely rock the planet. My business presence makes ME want to be my client! The energy that comes through is superb.

Anastacia Metcalf
Director, Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

Thank you for our AWESOME fast track day! I was stuck in a rut and in one day, you helped me to get to the bottom of why I was stuck, break it down, and create an implementable solution. You helped me to remember my vision for the business and use that as my frame of reference.

You gave me really practical organizational and planning tools that I implemented immediately and are already making a big difference. The busyness tracker is a phenomenal way to plan out my time for the week, month and year. We accomplished so much in one day!

Elena Brennan
CEO & Founder, CareConcierge

Was on a roll with my coaching biz and was even called the coaches' coach. Then got married and priorities changed. I felt stuck and embarrassed that I quit on my 8,000 followers. Ella held my hand through the emotional tunnel (aka shame) of reconnecting with my followers, my biz and my pre-marriage self.

Her cheery presence felt like sunshine and I didn't expect to cry and laugh this much. It was cathartic!! If I learned anything it's that you don't get a medal for walking through that tunnel alone. Ella always had her hand out. Take it.

Founder of online coaching collective
(privacy respected)

What are your "Before” and "After" snapshots, in terms of achievements and personal growth?

Before I started coaching, I was busy all the time. I was close to burn out. I was making money but didn't have the time to enjoy any of it - the money, the experiences, the learning.

Now I feel like I'm in the "meadow." I feel free. I chose my clients, I choose my time, and I relax and take time and space for myself without the guilt.

Guide to Grace Trailblazers

Ella helped me dig deep, face my fears and find my own voice. She showed me that doing things differently is possible and that I can build my dream lifestyle, one day a time. I learnt self-compassion is a powerful tool.

Elisa Bozzolini
Founder & Fashion Designer, Sunvibes Collective

On my 3rd business I knew I needed an empowerment coach or I would lose my mind. Asking for help was a challenge, receiving help was an even bigger challenge. I wanted to prove I could do it all myself, like in my two other businesses.

Ellany, thank you for your one-on-one devotion to my dream and for looking after my happiness. You repeatedly reminded me to work smarter, not harder. I feel so free each time I confide my deepest, darkest fear to you. You made me feel safe, like I could take off the mask, be me, be enough. Thank you.

Founder of e-learning app
(privacy respected)

As soon as I met Ella, I knew I had to work with her. She had built her business in a way that I wanted to emulate, so what better of a person to learn from! With going through her 6 month program, I was able to see how I had built parts of my business in the wrong order and there were other important aspects that were completely missing!

I now feel way more equipped to run my business in a professional way and be able to get my message out to the world more effectively. Ella's program was the best investment in me and my business that I have ever done! A big hearted Thank You!

Sheila Sutherland
Founder, Reignite your Purpose

If you're planning on upgrading your coaching business, contact Ellany!! She'll coach you on what you want, guide you through what you need and make you feel good about it every step of the way. Creating a business with her at your side is so much better than doing it alone. You will save yourself so much time, stress and you will make a lot more money in the end too!! :D

Sabrina Hickey
Career Coach

I feel so much more focused and clear. I decide! I decide who, what, when. I've given myself full permission to rest and live and put myself first. One of the greatest things you had me do was collect testimonials and see for myself how amazing and capable I am. Thank you for guiding me along the way. You've given me confidence and a soft place to land.

Christina Michael
Reiki & Massage Practitioner

If your willing to be open and available, Ellany will match you in love and positiveness. She has many tools within her arsenal to meet you where you're at and will adjust accordingly. I started off needing one thing but as personal circumstances suggested otherwise, we worked on other things which were just as needed. Aside from her tremendous business and life coaching skills I would recommend Ellany particularly for her intuitive intelligence and tremendous sense of humour :)

Chereen Gamal
Counsellor & Expressive Therapist

What do you know about yourself that you did not know before Guide to Grace?

I am more tapped into my divine feminine. I can feel this power starting to connect.

I now know that I have a strong intuition. This led me to find my zone of genius.

Creating beauty is as important as building a house.

Guide to Grace Leaders

Ella helped me to break many fears and barriers, and gave me a powerful road map. Lots of transformation! Working with Ella was a deep experience and I would recommend it strongly! 

She is very knowledgeable and has an amazing intuition… She can spot what is going on very quickly and support you with love and firmness to move from stuckness into action.

Cristina Ramon
Founder, La Revolución del Corazón

There was a huge gap between the look of our web presence and the energy of our practice. Ellaa filled that gap. We tried a few changes ourselves, but really needed an e-marketing expert like her. She understands our holistic work and is helping us spread the word on patient wellness.

Dr. Joyce Chen
Network Care Chiropractor

Ellany's unique blend of rich wisdom and hefty practical advice left me wanting more, so much more, time with her. As honest and refreshing as a strawberry straight from the field, and as delightful. I didn't know it, but I was a kid with a freshly-dipped bubble wand -- Ellany's words were like a gust of wind, manifesting bubbles of opportunity by the dozen.

Corri Lobbezoo
EQ & Creativity Coach

I have done B-School and other mentoring programs and non has set me up for success like Six-figure Simplified. Ella has given me not only the practical guidance on how to get my nutrition business on its way to becoming a thriving practice, but also the inner skills I need to navigate myself, my time and the world around me. That in itself is priceless.

I am so grateful you had me do all the work before hand. I now have everything I need right here. I feel like I can rock this now. Just wanted to say an extra thanks.

Alyssa Bauman
Nutrition Expert & TV Personality

During these months, I’ve had “aha” moments over and over again. I took the time to give myself that gift of reflection and understanding of myself. It’s accelerated the personal growth that is integral to the field I’m in. This solid foundation will keep holding me up to be able to go so much higher.

Coaching with Ella is about helping me do the work in a better way, with tons of support and cheering on along the way. It also gave me confidence and it was so much easier with a coach and an instruction manual of sorts. Be ready for that infusion of excitement!

Danika Overmars
Certified Clinical Counsellor

I had a breakthrough call with Ella and she was the third coach I had connected with. She was the best hands down and it made my decision to engage her so easy. I was blown away with how she got me to dream about my future and what was possible for me in one call.

Book a call with Ella and you will see how terrific she really is at co-creating with you. I did my first enrollment call with a potential client and your method was perfect! Easy and effective.

Victoria Welsby
Badassery Coach & TEDx Speaker

Ella cracked open a lifelong block I had around saying the right thing all the time and WOOSH. My entire program was born that WEEK! She helped me sculpt webinars to deliver my new program to my ideal clients and create a website brand to match it. In no time I was boldly and authentically delivering my program and getting rave feedback! Total game-changer. Ella, you were my sanity, my inspiration and you tuned my compass back to myself. Thank you.

Jen Reed
Truth Sleuth & Creator of DIY Destiny

Ella delivered the academic, no-BS approach that I intuitively knew she would from the first few moments my eyes landed on her website. I already have a successful coaching practice and Ella met me where I was -- I've gone from overscheduled, scattered, overwhelmed, and wrought with too many ideas to having the rest of this year and all of next year mapped out. And I have a much clearer sense of what to say "no" to so that I can stay focused and productive. Invaluable.

Jill Grunewald
Founder, Healthful Elements

What are the top acknowledgements you can now give yourself?

Well done for owning my power, for focusing on one thing well done at a time, and for honoring what I needed.

That I have all the answers I need, and I can trust myself.

I was brave enough to dive deep into my psyche, then SHIFT my mindset to a freer, wilder, more authentic one.

Guide to Grace Business Owners

It is lonely at the top. I've built one of the world's leading online business schools. It was fulfilling... until it wasn't. Until I met Ella, no one understood how hard it's been for me as an introverted woman entrepreneur.

Every session I told Ella what I wanted and she gave me what I needed. It was irritating at first lol! Ella, thank you for helping me wade through the challenges of living authentically and aligning my true self with my professional persona. You have left a permanent mark on my soul: loving, insightful, and powerful support. You make coaching and psychotherapy deeply meaningful and widely hilarious! I love you.

Founder of online business school
(privacy respected)

Your work is stunning! It is a dream to work with you. My life is much easier now on this system. I have already made many easy changes myself. Ellany makes her work purposeful and fun. She inspires people around her and has an incredible capacity to generate energy and action.

Deborah Smith-Sauve
Head of Development

Ella is a person with a warm heart and a bright mind. She does her work expertly and meticulously, and truly cares about people. Rarely have I met anyone like Ella, who has accomplished so much and continuously strives to grow, personally and professionally. I am sure, many people are inspired by Ella's can-do attitude.

Rosanna Von Sacken
Visual Facilitator & Coach

I was taken by your desire to do what you do really well to make others shine! It makes such a difference. I loved working with you on my online presence, as our passions are aligned.

Inga Michaelsen
Founder, Conscious Leadership Evolution

Working with Ella has been very beneficial and helpful in many ways - both practical and spiritual. It feels really good to have Ella in your corner. I’m really proud of conceiving my coaching program and finding time in my full life to build my business. I've achieved more than I thought possible. Holy pat on the back time!

Brianna Strumm
Social Worker & Instructor

My lifeline is coming back to me. I know it’s self-love and it’s consistent now. I’m not alone anymore. There are other people like me. It’s liberating to know! To have a witness to my commitments actually goes a long way. I needed someone to listen and be the voice of wisdom during setbacks. If you have the talent and want to get to the Olympics, that’s where Ella takes you.

Jennifer Singh
Actress & Spiritual Speaker

I feel like I have a solid foundation from which to grow my business. I was so grateful to have Ella's guidance in the creation process. I saw other fellow coaches struggling to create their programs, but with Ella's support, I had so much fun creating mine!

Ella's personable style made her a joy to work with. I also appreciated when she understood that I needed more life than business coaching, and hugely supported me in my personal journey.

Jobina Bardai
Law of Attraction Coach

You rock!!!! Truly amazing and you are such an inspiration. No doubt we see your excitement, immense online skills, expertise and passion. There was absolutely nothing missing in terms of sharing your business expertise in the Network Care realm.

Dr. Shannon Patterson
Network Care Chiropractor

You have clearly demonstrated a commitment to increasing the participation of women in a field traditionally dominated by men. We are proud to have young women with your degree of potential in the McGill community.

Louise Proulx
Vice-Principal of Research

I learned that I'm not crazy. I can do this. I can go at my pace. It is possible to move from getting paid per hour to a more passive income model. I feel more "at peace" and confident with my life and business. I'm trusting that though I was working less hours I would still make enough money.

Kristen Smith
Studio Owner & Piano Teacher

You totally rock! You understand me. It’s a vulnerable process to redesign my online presence. Thank you sooooooo much, I feel you as a strong ally. You’re just a gem! I’m left excited and empowered. I have truly enjoyed working with you.

Leslie Lupinsky
Master Certified Coach & Author

Ellany is one of the smartest people I know and I treasure her advice and counsel. Anyone who places themselves in her capable hands can rest assured that the coaching and service they receive has had the attention of one who possesses tremendous creativity and expertise in equal measure.

Mayra Cabrera
Research Specialist

We are thinking on the same lines, and you are the first person to really get my online business dilemma. Thanks so much for your ideas, structure and direction. I super love your sense of aesthetics and way of thinking. It is very clean and clear.

Anastacia Metcalf
Change & Growth Coach

Our sessions let me get clear on what I was leaving behind and what I was inviting in. I now have the right mindset to tackle business roadblocks and fully express myself in my marketing and image of myself. I can do ANYTHING. I loved the templates you gave us. I had a-ha moments around the fact that I can follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before me.

Danika Czubak
CPCC, Leadership Coach

I am very impressed that you so accurately described my wish list. Your perspective on ‘business wellness’ has added a powerful definition to our work. So big THANK YOU for the website analysis! We love your ideas and are very excited about our work together!

Joss Rowlands
Leadership Coach

What I enjoyed most about my coaching journey was the continued support and reminder of the end goal and higher vision. The most valuable thing I gained was focusing on clear intentions, and what do I really want to see show up in my life, and why.

Katherine Taylor
Health Coach & Fitness Trainer

Ellany coached me with humour and understanding as I started my business and went through a difficult time personally. Thanks for your support, Ellany!

Corri Lobbezoo
EQ & Creativity Coach

Ella has become an expert at excellence and innovation, an expert in life. A fearless adventurer, she has been everywhere and has done almost everything, while staying down-to-earth. I sincerely believe anyone who works with Ella will find themselves inspired and naturally reaching higher grounds.

Dr. Valerie Coté
Pediatric Otolaryngologist

I can always count on Ella for unconditional support. She has an amazing way of shifting my perspective, looking at the positive, and uplifting my spirit. It’s such a comfort to know that there’s a coach like Ella out there constantly believing in me and championing me towards my dreams.

Se Young Kim
International Human Rights Officer