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When feeling too much for this world, but not enough for that world...


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It IS lonely at the top. In the last half decade I've built one of the world's leading online business schools. It was thoroughly fulfilling... until it wasn't. Until I met Ella, no one understood how hard it's been for me as an introverted woman entrepreneur in an extrovert-biased man's world.

Ella, thank you for helping me wade through the challenges of living authentically while maintaining a strong professional front. Every coaching session I told Ella what I wanted and she told me what I needed. It was irritating at first lol! Ella left a permanent mark on me: kind, insightful, loving support. She makes psychotherapy meaningful and hilarious, a hidden gem!

A. M.
Founder of online business school (privacy respected)

Ella's personable style made her a joy to work with. I also appreciated when she understood that I needed more life than business coaching, and hugely supported me in my personal journey.

I feel like I have a solid foundation from which to grow my business. I was so grateful to have her guidance in the creation process. I saw other fellow coaches struggling to create their programs, but with Ella's support, I had so much fun with it!

Jobina Bardai
Founder of Unleashing Miracles


• • •

2018 Webinars

Live reading of Ella's "10 Ayahuasca + 10 Liberation Years" journals,
with juicy wisdom and epic insight for soul maturation + lifestyle freedom.

Laughter, awe and swearing guaranteed.

Part 1 • Annihilation to Liberation

APR 19 • 11A NYC | 5P BCN

​Is total annihilation necessary for totally liberation? Is suffering necessary to enlightenment?

Access recording

Part 2 • Money Mindset, Revisited

MAY 2 • 8A NYC | 2P BCN

The opposite of scarcity is not abundance. It’s not even sufficiency. It’s wholeness. How do I "do" wholeness?

Reserve my seat!

Part 3 • Success Tuning Forks

MAY 17 • 11A NYC | 5P BCN

​We are all instruments who fall out of tune. Who is my turning fork? Who will set me free? As a freedom seeker, who am I here to liberate?

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​Part 4 • Before/After Enlightenment

JUN 6 • 8A NYC | 2P BCN

​Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, what now?? As a lifelong learner, what am I here to teach?

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2017 Retreat


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2017 Webinars

Part 1 • Do the right things in the right order

What are the 8 classic mis-ordered steps online entrepreneurs make? Find out how to liberate yourself from random busyness.

Part 2 • Make breadcrumb trade-offs

What are Ellany's ROI, ROH and ROF (Return on Freedom) numbers? Find out how to liberate yourself from the past.

Part 3 • Re-calibrate compasses

Does your business have "it"? All 5 "it" factors? Find out how to liberate yourself from the fear of success.

​Part 4 • Cycle through organic iterations

How do you make sure that what you create actually sells? Find out how to liberate yourself from overwhelm and disappointment.


With Ella as my coach, I feel like I’m going to be able to bring nutrition knowledge to clients much more efficiently, avoiding a lot of common business pitfalls along the way. I felt heard, I felt understood. Moments of insight came often. Having a guide to walk me through the "How", I’ve been able to make leaps & bounds in letting go of my own fears and gaining direction, forward momentum, clarity and confidence. This has been a hugely life giving experience!

Joanna Bowen
Holistic Nutritionist

Ella is an excellent coach. She is very knowledgeable and has an amazing intuition…She can spot what is going on very quickly and support you with love and firmness to move from stuckness into action.

Ella helped me to break many fears and barriers, and gave me a powerful road map. Lots of transformation! Working with Ella was a deep experience and I would recommend it strongly!

Cristina Ramon
Professional Coach


• • •

2016 Webinars

Part 1 • Six Keys Behind the Psychology of Freedom

Fear of success and fear of freedom are real! Learn about: the hardest emotion to be with, the one handbreak that will stop all your momentum, and the family inheritance that traps you.

Part 2 • Six Ways to Simplify your Online Business

Why do you implement certain tasks, but not others? Learn about: the one strategy to eliminate overwhelm, your top areas of self-sabotage, and the most critical business system to set up.

Oh Ellany, your training was wonderful – I admire how easy you make things look like. What a fantastic role model you are for me! – Maria


Thank you SO much for the webinar -- it was both inspirational and practical. I'll consider carefully the wisdom you've passed on and keep moving forward! – Annette


Part 3 • Seven Ways Immigrant Parents Stifled your Wealth

 can't out-frugal your way to wealth! Discover how burden, overcompensating, miscalibration, intergenerational programming and cultural indoctrination stifle your success.

Part 4 • Four Shame Shields Stunting your Business

Why is your business not growing at the pace you want it to? Discover the 4 ways shame stunts your business success, reach and impact; and what to do about it!

Wow I'm so glad I jumped on the training call today. Thanks for your insight. By the way, I loved the "self care budget" tip. xoxo – Rosalyn


Aww Ellany, you blend humor with wisdom with vulnerability and you make it seem so easy. I'm so looking forward to the next one. Please don't ever stop hosting these. Julianna



I feel so much more focused and clear. I decide! I decide who, what, when. I've given myself full permission to rest and live and put myself first. One of the greatest things you had me do was collect testimonials and see for myself how amazing and capable I am. Thank you for guiding me along the way. You've given me confidence and a soft place to land.

Christina Michael
Reiki & Massage Practitioner

Our sessions let me get clear on what I was leaving behind and what I was inviting in. I now have the right mindset to tackle business roadblocks and fully express myself in my marketing and image of myself. I can do ANYTHING. I loved the templates you gave us. I had a-ha moments around the fact that I can follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before me.

Danika Czubak
CPCC, Leadership Coach


• • •

2015 Webinars

Part 1 • Six Mindset Myths to Massive Profits

Profits not soaring? It's because you've done the right things, in the wrong order. Learn about: the most deadly thought, the most forgotten budget, and the one person to perpetually say no to.

Part 2 • eight Spiritual Hoops to Upgrade Business

How to upgrade a business with ease and fun? Jump through spiritual hoops! Learn about: the first fear to let go of, the two cups to refill, and the final acceptance of truth.


My greatest takeaway is... Outgrowing your circles of influence and feeling good about saying NO. Incredible webinar - many thanks to you! – Jan


My greatest takeaway is... My greatest takeaway is... The role that surrender plays in business success--new to me! I've always focused on "do, do, do more!" Thanks, Ellany, this was wonderful and so informative! Kate


Part 3 • five Ingredients to Prevent Business Burnout

Does your business have the 5 essential ingredients to prevent business burn out? Learn about: the delusional ingredient, the in-to-on ingredient, and the wonderment ingredient.

Part 4 • five Organic Stages of Accumulating Online Wealth

Does your online business feel like a tantrum throwing toddler? Learn about the 5 organic stages of wealth, the surest pathway to sanity, happiness and freedom.


My greatest takeaway is... Just start. 'Plant that tree'. – Brianna


My greatest takeaway is... I have two: 1) What can look like a fear of failure is instead a fear of success. 2) "I can't do it alone" !!!!! :) – Stephanie



Ella delivered the academic, no-BS approach that I intuitively knew she would from the first few moments my eyes landed on her website. I already have a successful coaching practice and Ella met me where I was -- I've gone from overscheduled, scattered, overwhelmed, and wrought with too many ideas to having the rest of this year and all of next year mapped out. And I have a much clearer sense of what to say "no" to so that I can stay focused and productive. Invaluable.

Jill Grunewald
Founder of Healthful Elements

During these months, I’ve had “aha” moments over and over again. I took the time to give myself that gift of reflection and understanding of myself. It’s accelerated the personal growth that is integral to the field I’m in. This solid foundation will keep holding me up to be able to go so much higher.

Coaching with Ella is about helping me do the work in a better way, with tons of support and cheering on along the way. It also gave me confidence and it was so much easier with a coach and an instruction manual of sorts. Be ready for that infusion of excitement!

Danika Overmars
Certified Clinical Counsellor


• • •

2014 Webinars

4-part series


• • •

2013 Webinars

Confessions of a Recovering Achievaholic

4-part series


• • •

2012 Webinars

Net Worth  ∞ Self Worth

6-part series


• • •

2011 Webinars

Online Presence Redesigned

2-part series