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Are you an Overachiever too?

A Love Letter to Overachievers

To women who lost friends for being too brilliant, who got excluded for being too daring, and who thought they had to become the best man they can be, I celebrate your courage in breaking every mold and shackle!

You will not lose your ambition by slowing down. You will not lose your capacity by doing less. You will not lose your drive by letting go. In fact, it's these very things that will guarantee your becoming successful, happy and free!

xo Ella


Overachiever have extraordinary traits

Type-A go-getter


does not conform


highly perceptive + creative


Accomplished + ahead of the curve

sooo many talents + passions


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self-development junkie


travel + novelty addict


I'd rather die THAN quit!


service to others
fulfills my Soul



Overachievers have struggles too...


I carry The weight of the world
on my lone shoulders

No matter how much I achieve,
it never feels enough

I've always felt different,
even socially isolated or ostracized

I don't have any free time,
nor residual income

I struggle to find mentors to follow
or partners who can keep up

I get overwhelmed / burnt out by
my stressful fast-paced life

I'm easily scattered by squirrels,
shiny objects and other people's needs

My f***ing perfectionist
stalls all my projects

I've had multiple identity crises
and sometimes feel like an imposter