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  • Experienced + portfolio in attraction marketing, content marketing and mailing list building
  • Knowledge of SEO and content searchability / titling
  • Self-starter, takes charge, stays on top of project deliverables
  • Organised, efficient, stays on top of schedules (including following up with feature profiled women)
  • Understanding of marketing funnels and calls to action
  • Track record of increasing Instagram/Facebook Page followers and engagement, and converting to mailing list subscriber
  • Understanding of marketing to an empowered female audience
  • * This role has access to support from Virtual Assistant. Eg. Digital Content Delivery Assistant creates the necessary template(s) and VA can copy/paste the rest into place.


Ellany produces content
(in 4 formats: pptx slides, vlog rough cut, profile forms, blogs)

↓ ↓

Assistant converts content to simple 2min videos*
(into 4 types of videos: training, story time, feature profiles, client journeys)

↓ ↓ ↓

Assistant schedules/delivers content based on campaign schedule
(through 4 channels: website, mailing list, Instagram, Facebook page)


Goals & Deliverables

  1. Double mailing list to 6,000 subscribers
  2. Build an Instagram/Facebook Page following of 10,000
  3. Convert Instagram/Facebook Page followers to mailing list



  • This is a part-time, recurring role.
  • Volume of content production: approx. 4x 2min videos / week, 1x 60min webinar video slicing / month, daily quotes/gratitude journals posts
  • Please specify your rate (per project or monthly) in the application form.



  • Good eye for beautiful digital design
  • Understanding of digital marketing strategy
  • Ideally GMT-4 to GMT+4 time zone


Apply by April 26!


    Apply for Digital Content Delivery Assistant




    Past Opportunities

    • RAWFEM Retreat & House Manager
    • RAWFEM Assistant Coach
    • Social Media Strategist
    • Six-figure Simplified Mastermind Co-leader(s) Spring 2017
    • Social Media Assistant(s) 
    • Six-figure Simplified Mastermind Co-leader(s) Spring 2016
    • Branding & Marketing Campaign Strategist  
    • Six-figure Simplified Mastermind Co-leader(s) Autumn 2015
    • Photographer(s)
    • Videographer(s)
    • Six-figure Simplified Mastermind Co-leader(s) Spring 2015
    • Graphic Designer(s)
    • Virtual Assistant(s)
    • Six-figure Simplified Mastermind Co-leader(s) Autumn 2014
    • Logo Designer(s)