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High Return on Happiness is designed to liberate the overachiever mindset of "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

This program is Guide to Grace's overview quest towards soul maturation + lifestyle freedom.


Part 1 • Power of Sequencing

7 Examples on the importance of doing the right things in the right order, to achieve lifestyle freedom + graceful happiness + peaceful prosperity.

7 Metrics of happiness beyond money

2 Most powerful tools to re-sequence your time (Busyness Tracker) and decisions (The 5 "It" Factors)

Find out how to liberate yourself from busyness!

Part 2 • Leaping from Solopreneur to Entrepreneur

16 Career overhauls that illustrate the magic of following Life's breadcrumbs and making trade-offs to reach a six-figure business with high happiness.

5 Examples of the Daring-Falling-Rising cycle

1 Most powerful tool to purge neuro-wiring with negative memories

Find out how to liberate yourself from the past!

Part 3 • Inner Compass Recalibrations

9 Most powerful tools on how to recalibrate inner compasses to original truth of who you are and shed patriarchical indoctrination.

Metrics beyond money, 6 Neurological rewiring, Either/or syndrome, 6 Exquisite Freedom wheel, 4 Freedom quadrants, 5 "It" factors, Overachiever's Hierarchy of Needs, Feminine/Masculine power pyramids, Power of tribe

Find out how to liberate yourself from the fear of success!

​Part 4 • Power of iterations

#1 Classic pitfall of creating a masterclass

The importance of naming your Ideal Client Avatar in 4 words or less and your Branding in 4 words, in order to create a masterclass that is wanted + sellable + profitable.

2 Most powerful tools on the power of a visual roadmap and a simplified "money crunch" for business

 Find out how to liberate yourself from overwhelm!




$ 397


High Return on Happiness





What were your top 'aha' moments of greatest learning?

I found peace as soon as I accepted where I was on my own journey and surrendered to the process.

I realized that I was prolonging my own suffering!

The "parts work", where I identified that angry part of me driving the bus, and understood how I can change drivers whenever I want to.

Guide to Grace Students

They say courage is contagious and presence too. Ella has both in spades!! I always start big, bold projects and she  helped me understand that finishing them is the biggest, boldest act of courage. What I love most is her gentle and graceful way. She never needs to kick my ass. She just believes in me, tolerates no bullshit and there's magic sauce when we're together!!

I'm 10X more focused than on my own. Thank you for helping me stop beating myself up and achieve my dreams. "Put the bat down" is one piece of wisdom I will never forget, thank you Ellany.

N. A.
Founder of digital nomad community (privacy respected)



$ 397


High Return on Happiness