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What are your "Before” and "After" snapshots, in terms of achievements and personal growth?

Before I started coaching, I was busy all the time. I was close to burn out. I was making money but didn't have the time to enjoy any of it - the money, the experiences, the learning.

Now, I feel like I'm in the "meadow." I feel free. I chose my clients, I choose my time, and I relax and take time and space for myself without the guilt.


What was your biggest leap of faith during Guide to Grace?

• Letting go of the "old me" and the "old way" of doing business.
• Taking a week off a month. My heart yearned for it, but my head couldn't understand it.
• Really trusting the journey and becoming aware of "coincidences".


Where did you feel most stretched by Guide to Grace?

• Becoming ok with not being able to do nearly as much as I thought I could.
• To slow down, make space, take time off, AND make money at the same time.
• The 42-no quest. It was incredibly hard to say no.


What do you know about yourself that you did not know before Guide to Grace?

• I am more tapped into my divine feminine. I can feel this power starting to connect.
• I now know that I have a strong intuition. This led me to find my zone of genius.
• Creating beauty is as important as building a house.


What are the top acknowledgements you can now give yourself?

• Well done for owning my power, for focusing on one thing well done at a time, and for honoring what I needed.
• That I have all the answers I need, and I can trust myself.
• I was brave enough to dive deep into my psyche, then SHIFT my mindset to a freer, wilder, more authentic one.


What is your sense of freedom and expansion like after Guide to Grace?

• I won’t wait till "One Day." I am living my dream now. Small steps at a time.
• I've cleared some barriers from my path so I can run faster and with more joy.
• So I feel much more confident in being able to liberate myself from all the things that have been weighing me down.


What did Guide to Grace provide you that you did not have before?

• To have peace and relaxation without the guilt.
• Recognising what's ego and what's heart.
• My foundation was weak in spots and non-existent in others. I feel like it's rock solid now!!


What were your top 'aha' moments of greatest learning?

• I found peace as soon as I accepted where I was on my own journey and surrendered to the process.
• I realized that I was prolonging my own suffering!
• The "parts work", where I identified that angry part of me driving the bus, and understood how I can change drivers whenever I want to.