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If interested in Guide to Grace's programs (High Return on Happiness, Six-figure Simplified, or My first Masterclass), apply for a spacious 1-hour Breakthrough Session.

You will see clearer, know better, and feel expanded! By end of call, I'll share 3 specific tools to bring more peace and fun to your freedom quest.

Current wait time: 1.5 weeks. Apply below!


What are your "Before” and "After" snapshots, in terms of achievements and personal growth?

Before I started coaching, I was busy all the time. I was close to burn out. I was making money but didn't have the time to enjoy any of it - the money, the experiences, the learning.

Now I feel like I'm in the "meadow." I feel free. I chose my clients, I choose my time, and I relax and take time and space for myself without the guilt.

Guide to Grace Trailblazers

What did Guide to Grace provide you that you did not have before?

• To have peace and relaxation without the guilt.
• Recognising what's ego and what's heart.
• My foundation was weak in spots and non-existent in others. I feel like it's rock solid now!!

Guide to Grace Clients

I went from untapped power and not knowing how to build up my business to having a website, coaching program, ideal client, online systems in place and much more confidence in my ability to see my business through and as a coach, with something unique to add to the coaching profession. The Mastermind provided me with a solid group of confidants, friendships and possibly partnerships that will last a lifetime!

Brianna Strumm
Heart Rehab Coach


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Happy to connect with you! How did you find / cross paths with me?
What are the biggest challenges in your business/life? How are they affecting your happiness and freedom?
What have you tried in order to overcome these challenges? What didn’t work?
What is your ideal annual income in a year?
What is your current annual income?
Who are the top 3 thought-leaders you follow? What are you learning from them?
What's the most you've ever invested in your business or self-development?
If we were to have tea/coffee in person, what top 2 questions would you ask me, a six-figure location-independent success coach / psychotherapist / lifestyle business mentor?
Those who love and support you would say you are...
What resonates most at this time? Coach, teach and mentor you, and you'll...
What do you yearn for most? What is ONE thing you absolutely want to change, above all else, RIGHT NOW?
What is it costing you to keep doing what you’re doing, the way you've been doing it?
How committed are you to invest time, energy and money to co-create the success / happiness / freedom that you richly deserve, so you can powerfully be of service to others?
State of Being
On average over the last 30 days, you've felt...