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Clients and students were asked...

What are the top acknowledgements you can now give yourself?


Well done for owning my power, for focusing on one thing well done at a time, and for honoring what I needed.

That I have all the answers I need, and I can trust myself. I've started to learn how to be a friend to myself, to stop the spiral of self abuse. I listened when the universe sent me help and invested in coaching and hired an assistant. I already know it's been worth it.

I reached out for help and I'm glad I did. I burnt my "pride".

I am a f*cking force of nature! I unshackled my lone wolf and love it!

I built a solid foundation, I DID IT! I can explode forth now. My program is a FANTASTIC, god-given idea. I AM the one to deliver it and that is MY destiny. I've claimed it!

1. I am brave! I was brave enough to dive deep into my psyche, feel the shame, then shift my mindset to a freer, wilder, more authentic one. 1. I am confident! I learnt how to honor my inner sparkle by honoring my time and listening to real resonance.

I was never patient nor kind to myself. Now I am a bit more. I think taking the pressure off and allowing myself to express who I am and what my message is without LISTENING to the constant inner negative voice is HUGE for me.

I am more gracious with myself when I don't get my "to do list" all done.

I dug in when it was hard (client avatar), and asked for help, and when I was embarrassed about being behind I did it anyway. I was honest as hell when things were going to sh*t on my end, which I would usually try to hide. I’m proud that I was able to let it all hang out a bit more!

I’m proud that I’ve committed and followed through. I’m proud that I plan on moving forward with all of these plans – even though some of them thrust me out of my comfort zone. I like forcing myself to be uncomfortable, for it’s in the land of discomfort that one grows better!

Patience, and kindness. I was never patient nor kind to myself. Not I am a bit more. I think taking the pressure off and allowing myself to express who I am and what my message is without LISTENING to the constant inner negative voice is HUGE for me. 

I acknowledge myself for giving this program 100% especially when it brought up emotional baggage that needed to be healed. I trusted the process even when I didn't have the answers right away. I allowed myself to be vulnerable with the group even though it was uncomfortable at first, not having met any of the members in person. It turned out to be great training for interacting with my clients. ;)

Two things: 1. I feel that I can now better stand my ground, and stand by my values. This gives extra confidence and also lowers my stress. 2. The ability to shift my perspective in many situations, and especially with work.

This year could have been the worst, but instead I kept going and it has turned into an amazing year! I am so glad I didn't give up but stayed positive and persistent

Giving myself space and permission to know, feel, understand that I am worth it.

I moved without loosing my shit!! I feel very calm and centered here and not worried about my business.

I’m a big, powerful mama bear. Now that I’m clear, people are now knocking on my door asking me to deliver my work.

Proud of finally knowing what I want to do with my life. It took 43 years. I'm proud that I am surrounded by loving people that support everything I do unconditionally and this is a reflection of me.

I have everything I need to upgrade my business right here and now. Once I follow the vision that is right for me, the impact I make will be great!

How much I committed to this process, and how much I grew. How fabulous!

I'm really proud that I never give up about my business, no matter how tough it's been on me

With infinite grace, freedom on!

xo, Ella

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