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Clients and students were asked...

What did Guide to Grace provide you that you did not have before?


Freedom to choose and live the life I've dreamed of. To have peace and relaxation without the guilt.

Oh, SO many tools. So many gifts/tools are now embedded in my mind and approach. From the "parts work" to the "conscious priorities" list. I've started back into nurturing myself and the creativity is starting to flow. I'm open and things are flowing better.

My "Pause & Check" list; a clearer idea of what I want to do with my brand/business and of who I want to work with; more acceptance and gentleness around my heart, recognising what's ego and what's heart; more awareness around my role in creating what I don't like/enjoy.

OMG there's too much to list! I know now how to divide my limited attention. I know what efforts are fruitful and to do first (space) and which are niceties and not necessary (participles). I have a completely re-written website that speaks exactly to my ideal peeps and my brand. That feels...right. I know precisely how to create and run a webinar that solves my ideal peeps problems. And is FUN!

I've totally transferred my mashed-together-free systems into an elegant, one-stop solution. My foundation was weak in spots and non-existent in others. I feel like it's rock solid now!! Space. I have so much more space, and PERMISSION to have that space. Stamina and Hope. To make it through The Most Difficult Time of My Life.

I now have a set of tools, and a healthier mindset in how I address challenges in the future. I also have a healthy aspiration to make my ideal week come true (even having an ideal week in the first place that I can work toward).

The concept of "inner compass" tools to recalibrate my self confidence/self value.

Community, hope, a solid group of confidants who were/are going through the same struggles. Friendships and possibly partnerships that will last a lifetime!

Confidence that I can do this. I know I could, but the hand holding and breaking up into chunks showed me that yes this too will happen.

An allie. In the Myers-Briggs personality profile, I would be a “P” to Ella's “J”. I need a “J” to help me focus my big ideas and to actually get them done. Without that grounding force, my ideas struggle to take shape.

Two things: 1. Clear roadmap that I can refer back to over and over when I feel stuck or overwhelmed and 2. Truly simplified method of building an online-based service business (just the goods, not the fluff). I got the steak, not the sizzle.

Oh my god sooo much… structure for owning a business, strategies, information, tips, advice. A little bit of everything!

Connecting the dots between me and my ideal client avatar, the work I naturally do, and my brand.

Pretty much everything! Having gone through coaching transformation myself, I had a pretty good handle on the importance of mindset, but I definitely went up a few levels in terms of self-awareness of my working style. And I had no foundation on the business side of things (ie: branding, tiering, sustainably growing the business, etc).

A structure for how to move forward with getting my name out there. How I can do that for the clientele that I want. I can be selective about what I do and who I connect with, which I didn't have the confidence to do before. I felt like I had to do it all. Awareness of how my saboteurs and inner voices hold me back and how I can combat them.

A structured program to follow that I can follow again and again as I add new things to my basket or when I switch things up. I did not even have the courage to tell people how I really feel before.

Ease and peace of mind. A 15 step sequence that has helped me put all the different pieces of the puzzle together, so I can now create and implement marketing strategies that work and generate leads, clients and income. A process I can rely on to have a sustainable business. Lots of FUN and insights with the absolutely brilliant Ella.

That it is step by step, follow the process and stick to the plan that we co-created to fit me and my needs and my lifestyle dreams.

I now know that I am not alone. Having heard tidbits of story from Ella's other clients, from her own stories, and to know that Ella is there. I also now know better who I am, and that I am allowed to know what I want and go get it. The 1-on-1 was perfect for my needs.

Regular check-ins, motivation to work on my e-course, insightful feedback.

Structure, and a lot of really valuable advice about how to proceed.

With infinite grace, freedom on!

xo, Ella

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