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Clients and students were asked...

What is your sense of freedom and expansion like after Guide to Grace?


Now I know that I will have an online business that will feed my freedom lifestyle. I will be financially free in a few years and I will be able to do the work I love and travel and enjoy life. I won’t wait till "One Day." I am living my dream now. Small steps at a time.

I've cleared some barriers from my path so I can run faster and with more joy. I'm seeing more opportunities come to me. I don't feel alone anymore and constantly on guard. I am discovering a new sense of being taken care of, rather than running around exhausted.

I now understand who my saboteurs are, what kind of parts I have, and how I can frame my situation in a positive direction. So I feel much more confident in being able to liberate myself from all the things that have been weighing me down.

When I really connect to my two a-ha moments during our coaching, my sense of freedom and expansion is 100x on steroids!

Now, if I can imagine it, I can do it. Now I set up a strategy that fits me (not anyone else). I am good to myself, and celebrate all the small goals. I trust myself.

Before it was a vague idea, but now I believe it, I see what needs to happen in a week to create that freedom.

What's bigger than a billion? :) My sense of possibility seems limitless!

I feel more in charge of my own fate, like I understand how it works and how to do things consistently for sustainable results, which is truly liberating and pacifying.

I see that I don’t have to prove my worth. I have faith in myself as a creator. When I create offerings that are aligned with my soul, I have this soaring sense of freedom. The energy of my offerings will generate the energy of deeper relationships and more abundant finances in return.

If there is one thing I can say about this year, never underestimate where you can be in one year. You can even surprise yourself!

I feel that my brand is truly unique and I’ve owned the uniqueness of the value that I offer to the marketplace. That my location-independent business/lifestyle is truly possible!

I have always wanted to travel and explore with my girls. I feel like once I have more residual income coming in, this can actually become a reality. I have had a limited belief with money and now I know I deserve this too.

Freedom, I decide! Posssibility is limitless, I decide! Before, I was scared and grounding myself in the wrong things. Now, I decide!

I am able to recognize the fear voices and not believe them. I believe in myself more as a business woman as well as a good therapist.

Even though I am not yet finished of digging myself out from the pile of tasks/projects I got into, I already feel much more prepared and ready to go for it and try something big. It helps a lot to also know that it's ok if it doesn't work or if I discover I want something different in the end, cause then I can just go try something different. Watch out, world!

It’s been an insane year for me on SO many levels! This has been exciting for me to know that I can continue to be free, be me and still make a difference… and a living! I am 36 and I’ve never had a ‘full time’ job – on purpose. And I’ve never been in debt either! Now I know how I'm going to continue to live purposefully and keep my freedom!

I now feel like I am armed with the ability, information and skills to still be successful with or without the limitation of where I live!

Because my internal work is at a “half-baked” state, I don’t feel that much freer yet… but I am dedicated to getting the web site upgraded, and continue to clear the decks to make that happen. That gave me a big boost.

It's there, and I feel different, I’m struggling putting it into words...

With infinite grace, freedom on!

xo, Ella

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