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Clients and students were asked...

What was your biggest leap of faith during Guide to Grace?


Taking a week off a month. My heart yearned for it. But I couldn't understand it - my head couldn't understand it. Now I love it!

Doing the work and letting go of the things that just didn't happen. They weren't failures. They just aren't ready yet. And that's ok. I trust. I was a bit sceptical about the somatic chanting we did. I may never see the direct link to what it cleared the way for, but I trust.

Burning of my doctoral degree, which represented my pride. A big part of it was the doubt "can/should I really kill my pride?" and the other was whether the physical burning would actually help let it go. I did it anyway!

Just trusting the process even when it felt like I was going nowhere, was stuck, didn't know how or didn't want to do it. My leap of faith was staying even when I felt like leaving!

The investment in coaching during an expensive time in my life. Trusting that as clients left the roster, more clients and more aligned clients are on their way to me. ;)

Investing in myself through a 1-on-1 coach.

1. Really trusting the journey and becoming aware of "coincidences", synchronicities, etc. 2- Letting go of the "old me" and the "old way" of doing business.

Releasing the financial pressure to reach a specific $$ objective. That was driving me insane, because I was lacking the strategy AND the bigger context in which to apply the strategy that now works. I now trust that I am doing the right things, and can see how the income is a result of applying the right strategies.

Listening to you. Hearing you. Trusting you.

I became transparent letting everything show: vulnerabilities, weaknesses, inner thoughts, inner conflicts/contradicting forces. I decided I was not going to be afraid of being judged for once and mostly managed.

Deciding to leave my city and start anew with a new clinic on the Island. Trusting that this move and all that it entails is what I want and will work out with everything that I want to get out of it.

Truly believing that I could be a businesswoman.

Stopping teaching on Mondays and trusting that though I was working less hours, I would still make enough money.

I get stuck in the realm of Big Ideas, so it’s always slightly unnerving for me to remove every possibility and commit to one direction or one approach. Actually nailing down my offers and my service/product tiers made me queasy at first, but freed me by the end.

Claiming my avatar! She’s a big thinker and big spirit who’s ready to overcome overwhelm, so that she can create a more spacious life and more powerfully contribute to the greater good.

Two leaps: 1. Making the decision to join the program (and felt like puking for 24 hours when I did) and 2. Saying yes to myself and my vision even if it meant “leaving the family" behind.

I think it was being honest with myself and realizing that career coaching may not be the route that resonates most with me and taking action steps towards changing my business plan to include more work with kids. After this realization I signed up for a class to work with autistic kids so. This was not something I would have done otherwise!

Changing my schedule for more free time and not knowing what to do with myself with that free time. And letting that be.

With infinite grace, freedom on!

xo, Ella

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