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It's great to be an ambitious, driven go-getting gal! You go, you get, but are you really... getting? Are you getting happiness and prosperity simultaneously? Here are the 7 habits happy and prosperous go-getters practice every day.


1. They are the Tortoise

You know the Aesop's Fables "The Tortoise and the Hare"? Women "Type A" go-getters who enjoy a happy AND prosperous journey to a happy AND prosperous destination are the tortoise.

They take micro-steps every single day. Their lives might not be glam and glitz. You might not even know that they're silently building an empire. But when they cross the finish line, everyone will know.

They chunk down their tasks to a point where the task is: sit vertical, open laptop, breathe 30 sec, start typing 50 words, then type 150 words, etc. Every tiny step checked is an extra shop of dopamine, the hormone behind motivation.


2. They negotiate with their Perfectionist

If you’re an overachiever, you have an inner perfectionist. A loud one! If you can't do something perfectly, then why bother at all, right? Often, your inner perfectionist is sailing the ship of your life and you get no say. 

Women who are Type A go-getters know this secret: they can negotiate with their inner perfectionist. They can sit their inner perfectionist down like you do with corporate partners and draft a "middle of the road" win-win contract. What would your contract say?



3. They are excellent receivers

Many woman have the urge to be everything, to everyone, at all times. They give and give and give and give and give and give and give and give until there is nothing left...

Happy and prosperous women know the importance of givine AND receiving. As Brené Brown teaches, being generous is about B.I.G.:

  • Boundaries: pre-communicated limits to what is and is not acceptable
  • Integrity: genuine truth telling of own needs, desires and priorities
  • Generosity: generosity is true only when strong boundaries and integrity is genuine

Are you able to say 'no' to the next 42 requests that come your way?


4. They Validate Themselves

How often do trailblazers at the top of their game share their wins... not to celebrate the win, but to secretly ask for external validation, approval or love.

If you survey women, over 90% will list the fear of what others think as the number one reason they hold back. With good reason because criticism can hurt deeply and shatter your sense of self-worth if you keep putting it on the line for others to shatter.

Happy and prosperous go-getters validate themselves, if even if it "seems stupid" to huge yourself, put up a big huge wall of your accomplishments for you to admire, or do a half-naked happy dance after a huge client contract!


5. They laser focus

Let's face it, if you're ambitious, you also have the "shiny squirrel" syndrome. You have tons of ideas, would love to spearhead 12 businesses if you humanly good, you have tons of talents and passions, and not even time in a day.

Women entrepreneurs who have a happy and prosperous journey to their happy and prosperous destination are able to delay the pursuit of excitement and the rush of adventure, to laser focus on a single task until completion.

Then they play hard and reward themselves with a big prize, a big trip or a big experience!


6. They Stand by their eccentricities

Yes, trailblazing go-getters often feel isolated at the top, you've run out of role models and it's hard to find mentors who have done what you're doing. At times, you've even been bullied, labeled the black sheep of the family, or the weirdo who won't conform.

Then one day, after much mind-body self-development work, you realize that your eccentricities are your greatest gifts. We become flabbergasted that others would pay big money to acquire some of the skills that come so naturally with your eccentricities.

It's a choice to view your eccentricities as faults and inadequacies, or use it as fuel to supercharge your purpose, your calling and your legacy.


7. They Learn to lead AND follow

As a go-getter, you are at the front of the pack. You know how to lead. But you're not very familiar with how to follow. I was once "forced" by my coach to take ballroom dance lessons because I didn't know how to follow.

In the dance, it's important to blend, to know how to lead and how to follow. Regardless of gender, happy and prosperous women know how to elegantly switch from lead/masculine mode to follow/feminine mode, without diminishing or puffing up their self-worth.

Are you practicing all 7 of these habits so that you too can experience deep peace and joy in your business?

With infinite grace, freedom on!

xo, Ella

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