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Megan Murphy and Ellany Lea's blog

FYF 007: Erin Sullivan

Erin Sullivan is an end-of-life care practitioner, hospice volunteer, children's author, advocate, meditation facilitator, yoga instructor, author, expert napper, deep encourager, and loving friend.

She has lived in beautiful Canada!



FYF 003: Karen Olson

Karen Olson is a Leadership Coach / Retreat Leader / Art-o-mancy Trainer / Energetic Literacy Advocate / Writer.

She’s lived in Australia / Austria / Minnesota, USA / California, USA / Arizona,USA /  Colorado, USA / Maine, USA.



Freedom on!

xo, Ella

Ellany LeaAbout the Author • Ellany Lea is an elite success coach. She's traveled 100+ countries and writes about freedom at the intersection of: entrepreneurship, enlightenment, and enchantment.

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