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1   Anchor

Take shelter in a grounding sanctuary from storm of: busyness, overwhelm, perfectionism, and anxiety. Anchor the leap from "job security" solopreneur to "total liberation" freedompreneur.


2   Access

Access "body mover" friends and fast-track mastery of running + teaching a virtual group program. Start as apprentice, then Ellany's co-leader and solo leader.


3   Alchemize

Gracefully alchemize loss, hardship, divorce, care-taking and fear of uncertainty into a tangible + prosperous digital product / program.



The best way to learn is to teach!




1   Feel like your Midas touch (where everything you touch turns to gold) is slipping away?

2   Loosing time / money / peace in the widening chasm between your potential and business impact?

3   Experienced bursts of success (opportunities, money, recognition), but not an evergreen inflow of it?

4   Exhausted by pushing/forcing through? Yearning ease, peace, awe, joy and trust/surrender, in drawing success in?

5   Keep trying to sell the what (your workshops, products, retreats, readings), but can't seem to sell the why?

People don't buy what you do.
They buy why you do it.
– Simon Sinek

6   Holding up a big smile and veil of success, but the sock of your life is slipping off in your shoe?

7   Resisting/fighting another "torturous" Hero's Journey when you've already burnt and risen from the ashes, once before?


Will you surrender To Grace?

Doing business, as the best white man you can be, has not yielded rich happiness, fulfilment or meaning. Instead, are you now willing to surrender to Grace... at the confluence of ease, peace, awe, joy and trust?

1   Test your commitment to Freedom

I know you deeply desire to be free, geographically, creatively, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially. How committed are you to take full responsibility for building the structures for: space to do your soul's work, time to be with your loved ones, and radiance to delight in romantic partnerships? This apprenticeship will test you.

2   Choose showing up over busyness

I know you are the strong one, and have had to be everything to everyone, some times by choice, other times not. How committed are you to showing up 100.0% of the time for your own dream/vision/business, even if you don't "feel like it" or have made yourself too busy? This apprenticeship will challenge you.

3   Practice ego dis-identification

I know you were raised in a patriarchal society, where self-punishing productivity and random busyness are status symbols. How committed are you to dis-identify from your patriarchy-raised ego and stop using perfectionism to feel validated, busyness to feel safe, and hyper-achievement to feel loved? This apprenticeship will embrace you.

4   Actualize beyond your mind

I know you have cosmic potential. I also know the deep pain, overwhelm and/or hopelessness that you feel for the part of your potential still trapped within. How committed are you to stop prolonging your own suffering and actualize your potential into a tangible business product? This apprenticeship will champion you.


Who is this apprenticeship for?

1  Women founders, overachievers, trailblazers and entrepreneurs (2+ yrs, including consultants/self-employed/freelancers)

2  Awakened to their heart's passion or soul's calling (in any industry that contributes to freedom, empowerment, peace and well-being)

3  Immense potential, but lacking structure to alchemize and actualize it into a tangible business product (for more time + lifestyle freedom, location independence and evergreen prosperity)

Why Join?

1   Tangible + Profitable Business Product

Create and share THE tangible business product(s) that you've been yearning to create, as an expression of your soul, but have avoided due to busyness, perfectionism, overwhelm, resistance (which is a war/attack on your soul by the trinity of your inner Punisher,  Destroyer and Perpetrator), procrastination, or simply not knowing what tangible form it can take.


2   Championing "Body Mover" Friends

Emerge with intimate "body mover" friends, who are also founding, overachieving, trailblazing powerhouses, whom you wouldn't have met otherwise, who will be there if you call and say, "I have a body. I need your help moving it."

Breathe relief within a sanctuary of joy and trust, where you can drop the mask, shed the superwoman cape and sing your struggle(s) out loud. Together, we'll alchemize it into grace... then into freedom.


3   Embodying the 45 Most Powerful Soul Maturation + Freedom Tools

Practice live somatic empowerment, soul maturation and lifestyle freedom tools to expand your consciousness, sharpen your insights, and structure your work, so that your thoughts and emotions are guided by wisdom (not hopelessness or anxiety).

Reconnect with a long lost sense of delight, pleasure, laughter and play and be held by the deepest form of love, compassion, and belonging.

Up to 104 tools, as needed!



Regular Group Program

1 program
15 tools
18 live sessions
1hr/week live training (Zoom)
6 months support

$1,979 value

Group Apprenticeship

2 programs
45 powerful tools (up to 104 tools)
18 live sessions
2hrs/week live training (Zoom)
8 months support
3x 1:1 coaching calls

$5,449 value
$1,979 one-time special
($979 for all Guide to Grace Grads)


Content • Double program to pull back in order to launch forward:

A guided quest towards spiritual authenticity,
emotional freedom and mental peace.

A guided quest towards brand originality,
automated structures, and time freedom.

Start Date • October 9, 2018

Zoom Calls • Tuesdays (first 3 weeks of every month) @ 11AM-1PM NYC | 5-7PM BCN*
* Time may be moved earlier based on group decision

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Source • All tools and teachings sourced from Trailblazer Toolbox and Six-figure Simplified, Ellany Lea's 12 years and 50+ modalities of self-liberation + self-empowerment, 9 years of entrepreneurship, 13 career overhauls, 18 years of leadership development, and 6 years of coaching + psychotherapy training.


Note from Ellany

Hi darling,

parents past away young, moving 10 timezones away to new place don’t know anyone and don’t speak the language, both parents dying in front of our eyes as primary caregiver, letting go of the ledge of old job security, not quite touching the new ledge of pool) .

behind-the-scene intricacies, and joyful freedom of:  embodying the 45 most powerful soul maturation + lifestyle freedom tools needed to sanely birth above product/program (up to 104 tools, as needed!)

I'm overjoyed to offer 3-6 extraordinary women a Guide to Grace Apprenticeship to experience the pure joy, behind-the-scene intricacies, and graceful freedom of: leading a virtual group program (first as an apprentice, then as co-leader and solo leader).

Normally, Trailblazer Toolbox is a 6-mth program and Six-figure Simplified is another 6-mth program. This one-time apprenticeship offers both programs in 8 months. It'll be intense, you won't recognize yourself at the end (yay!), and you'll be more liberated than you can even imagine right now.

All apprentices must be interviewed before registering, to ensure most exquisite fit and expansive group journey!

Freedom on, because women who are free will set the world free!

Apply by September 30 ⤵︎


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My top 2 biggest challenges in my business are... (and how are they affecting my happiness + freedom?)
The ONE thing I yearn to create and actualize in my business is...
I feel that my greatest contribution to the group is...
Apprenticeship Match
I honor the sacredness of trust and confidentiality within the group, thus contributing to a safe and rich learning experience.
I take full responsibility for my time and commit to attending all 18 sessions (with compassion for life + death emergencies).
I commit to fully showing up (2hrs / week) for the live training sessions that will help structure my liberation.
I dedicate another 4 hrs/week to *implement* the steps for my fullest liberation.
I am willing to be brave and wise, to enter the depths of my psyche, so that I can powerfully "pull back to launch forward."
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