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Exquisite Freedom Tour 2015

Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, Korea
Boracay, Philippines
Bali, Indonesia
Rangoon, Myanmar
Bangkok, Thailand
Dubai, UAE
Amman, Jordan
Istanbul, Turkey

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Zurich, Switzerland
Lisbon, Portugal
Marrakech, Morrocco
Málaga, Spain
New York City, USA

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A Love Letter to Overachievers

To women who lost friends for being too brilliant, who got excluded for being too daring, and who thought they had to become the best man they can be, I celebrate your courage in breaking every mold and shackle!

You will not lose your ambition by slowing down. You will not lose your drive by doing less. You will not lose your capacity to achieve by letting go. In fact, it's these very things that will launch you to your greatest success and wealth!

To you, I devote my life. You deserve to be wealthy. You deserve to free!
xo Tina




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Navigating with Grace

Is your business having a mid-life crisis, while you spin your love life, travels, health, friends, family, and that purpose thing you're meant to do on this Earth?

Do you constantly wonder, "What now? ... What next? ... Is this it? ... There's gotta be a better way! Then you’ve come to the right place, my overachiever extraordinaire!

Be Person A

Are you waiting for an irreversible burn-out, bankruptcy or divorce to cultivate wealth benefits?

When children tell you about their dream, will you say:

Person A   Go for it kid, just like I did!
Person B   I had a dream once too kid, but I was afraid to pursue it.
Person C   I had a dream once too kid, but... then you were born.



Coaching & Mentoring Globetrotting Overachieving Women Entrepreneurs

Free up your time

Now that you're in business, would you like some free time back? Learn how to cleverly leverage time with masterclasses and a busy-nes tracker.

Create 6-figure residual income

Would you like to create and profit from e-courses that generate residual income while you sleep or enjoy time with loved ones, while sharing your wisdom?

Become location-independent

Would you love to seize the freedom to live, work and play from anywhere in the world? Oh the places you will go!

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Would you like to create and implement systems that simplify and automate your online business, so you can finally rest and be free?

Belong to a tribe

Are you finally ready to let go of overwhelm, isolation and carrying the weight of the world on your own shoulders? Are you tired of being a slave to your own business?

Create through play

Would you like to infuse more laughter, silliness, and play in your business and liberate your mind, spirit and creativity?